Mission 46- Visit Pilgrims Rest, Mac Mac Falls and Explore the Sudwala Caves

Driving to Pilgrims Rest
Little MMI at the Old Print House in Pilgrims Rest
Jock of the Bushveld Poster
Old Print Equipment on Display
Pilgrims and Sabie News
Old War Posters
Little MMI and Horse Cart
Little MMI at The Royal Hotel
The Royal Hotel Church Bar Sign
Post Box
Climbing up Cemetery Hill
Pilgrims Rest Street Sign
The Cemetery
Methodist Church
Jock of the Bushveld Monument Sign
Jock of the Bushveld Monument
Diggings Museum
Diggings Tents
Mac Mac Falls Sign
The Mac Mac Falls
Little MMI in a Mini Forest
Sudwala Caves Sign
Information Centre at Pilgrims Rest
Little MMI at the Sudwala Caves Entrance
Sudwala Caves Entrance
Cave Formation
Pam Exploring the Caves
Little MMI
King Kong
Sudwala Caves
Little MMI
Fairyland Formations
Horse Cart
Little MMI Slip Sliding Away
Sudwala Caves Map
Fish Spa
Pilgrims Rest Main Street
Postcard of Central Garage Then
Fools Gold
Central Garage in Pilgrims Rest
Little MMI and Vintage Vehicles
The Royal Hotel in Pilgrims Rest
Mrs Macs General Dealer