Become Skilled at Making the Perfect Cuppa Cappuccino

Become Skilled at Making the Perfect Cuppa Cappuccino

Mission 47- Become Skilled at Making the Perfect Cuppa Cappuccino

  • Tip1#
  • Latte art refers to a picture created on ones cuppa coffee using steamed or frothy milk.

  • Tip2#
  • Watching everything in action, I started taking input and used my intelligent sources a.k.a. my womanly brain to take note of all the important aspects in getting this right. Here were a few things I stored:

    • Temperature- I’m not quite sure what the right temperature is but kitchen ‘King Kong’ gets this just right!

    • Coffee Beans- Beans from different locations apparently have different flavours! Coffee beans from Africa have more of a citrus flavour to them whilst beans from South America have a sweeter taste. Asian coffee beans are bolder (whatever that means). The ‘Seattle Coffee Company’ sources the best beans from the farms they use. All the beans have been through tastings and carefully selected to produce the best coffee for their customers.

      Not all of us have access to bean farms and I wanted to know how a person who has a... let’s call it ‘cuter’ coffee machine could get a great tasting cappuccino? Apparently in his opinion the other best coffee bean to use is either ‘Bean There’ or any branded ‘Woolworths’ coffee beans. Obviously it depends on your own personal taste.

    • Grinding the Coffee Beans- This is something that I think allot of us miss... the way your coffee beans are grinded influences the end result. I know... you’re sitting there in front of you screen thinking, “gosh I never knew that”... well now you do! If you’re making an espresso, make sure your beans are grinded super fine and if you’re making a latte then make sure they are a little less fine.

    • LittleMMI Pamela Buckle The Seattle Coffee Company Montecasino

    • Compacting the Coffee- When adding the coffee to the silver thingy that you put into the machine... make sure the coffee is pushed down really tight. The idea is if you don’t do this, the water will just run through and not absorb any of the coffee flavours which will ultimately result in watery coffee. The tighter and more compact the granules, the longer it will take for the water to run through it creating a honey like, thick substance full of flavour.

    • LittleMMI Pamela Buckle The Seattle Coffee Company Montecasino

      LittleMMI Pamela Buckle The Seattle Coffee Company Montecasino

    • The Milk- You want to use milk with a more buttery base so that when the milk is steamed it doesn’t turn out slightly bitter. Best milk to use at home is the ‘Woolworths Ayrshire AH’! Make sure the milk is very cold to give the best steamy results!

    • Steaming- When steaming one shouldn’t hold the frother thingy so close up as you will get what I would call a splatter milk artwork all over your kitchen. Best to make sure it’s more down so that the milk rotates and you get a hissing sound for a few seconds.

  • Tip3#
  • Coffee has its very own jargon... its very own communication language and up to this point, I use to order different cups of coffee because it sounded good, not because I actually knew what it was. I can remember back to that day I first stepped into a ‘Starbucks’ at the Hong Kong International Airport and ordered something that sounded like a coffee but turned out to be a milkshake. These mistakes happen to many people and I’m going to attempt at giving more meaning to the terms:

    • Latte- Refers to a tall coffee that’s kinda like a cappuccino but with more milk and less foam.
    • Cappuccino- Refers to an espresso on the bottom and lots of steamed milk or foam on top.
    • Caffe Mocha- This means hot chocolate and coffee... yum yum!
    • Grande- Nothing special... no weird ingredients have been added... it just means Super Large Coffee. That’s it! I think sometimes people say it because they think it makes their coffee sound more important;)
    • Americano- Apparently what my cappuccino has been all along... more like a diluted espresso with lots of water and milk.
    • Espresso- A tot of pure coffee... makes you tingle when you drink too much;)

  • Tip4#
  • For contact details of the ‘Seattle Coffee Company’ in Montecasino check out-

    Seattle Coffee Company in Montecasino