Visit Cape Town’s Paternoster and Explore the Western Cape

Visit Cape Town’s Paternoster and Explore the Western Cape

Mission 42- Visit Cape Town’s Paternoster and Explore the Western Cape

  • Tip1#
  • If you are expecting friends or family to join you in Paternoster, do not tell by trying to explain to them where you staying say, “Look out for the white house”. All the houses are white and this may confuse them when entering the village.

  • Tip2#
  • As beautiful as Paternoster is, many say there’s not much to do... there are no shops, no nightlife and no real activities one can take part in. Then why visit Paternoster? Well I’ve come up with my own list of what to do and here it is...

      1. Get a beach house with a balcony and view of the ocean and watch the sun rise in the morning! A hot cuppa tea will just make this ideal!

      2. Go to the loo with its very own night light! An experience you won’t want to miss!

      3. Take a walk on the beach and climb the boulders! Best to do this at low tide because you can see some awesome sea life living near the rocks.

      4. Whale watching! This area of the coast is great to watch whales... ok and boulders as well.

      5. Relax- There is nothing much to do in this village but relax. Sometimes that’s a relief from always having to be occupied or entertained.

      6. Eat crayfish sold by the locals... not sure how legal this is but super yummy to try!

      7. Have sundowners at the local seafood restaurant on the beach and enjoy a fresh piece of hake!

      8. Walk down the small streets and admire the houses and scenic views! There are plenty of little fishing boats you can check out! These are like the ornaments of the streets and beach.

      9. Travel to Cape Columbine Lighthouse and go on a tour! Driving through this reserve and checking out the coastline is also an incredible experience. I did discover an amazing camping spot right on the beach near the rocks where the waves crash... fancy a different place to sleep?

      10. Sit on the beach and reflect on the moment you laughed at that man getting knocked over by the sliding doors at the airport!

  • Tip3#
  • I would suggest taking care of your personal belongings though... lock it up as petty crime can occur.

  • Tip4#
  • Looking to book a Beach House in Paternoster? Here’s the best place to do so: