Travel on Gautrain and Build a Sandcastle - Handy Tips and Facts

Travel on Gautrain and Build a Sandcastle - Handy Tips and Facts

Mission- 41- Travel on Gautrain and Build a Sandcastle

  • Tip1#
  • Research is crucial in attempting such a delicate creation... one has to keep in mind composition, texture, location, environmental influences and the correct tools in completing such a challenging sculpture.

  • Tip2#
  • Sandcastle constructing has these various important aspects needed to accomplish the art:

      1. A suitable location -
      2. The beach is divided into 3 sections namely the foreground, the middle and the background. The background is far too dry so a castle won’t be able to mould in this region. The foreground is near the waves so this too is not a good spot; water will soon pummel your sandy towers. It will become like a miniature tsunami. The best location is in the middle but closer to the foreground. Here you will find wetish (term used for sand that has a few droplets of H2) combined with it) sand that’s perfect for the sculpting.

      3. The right tools -
      4. One always needs tool when it comes to building and you might find that the best tools are right on you! Bucket and spades are fantastic for building sandcastles. One can also purchase unique shapes that could also assist with various sections of your castle. Other great tools are nearby sticks or shells that you can use to create different textures. My favourite is the hand and buttocks technique. The hand is great for sculpting and patting whilst the butt can create large flattened areas which you can use as a foundation for towers. I call it the pat and sit technique!

      5. Decorations -
      6. Search the area for interesting decorations to place on your sandy masterpiece. Shells, sticks, mussel shells etc. I kind of liked the minimalistic approach or you can always ‘borrow’ another child’s sandcastle decorations and state that the local crabs must have taken them. I don’t know what it is but children always seem to find beachy treasures that would take an adult forever to locate.

      7. Rest -
      8. Many websites fail to mention this aspect in sandcastle building but resting is a very important part of the grainy process. Purchase an ice cream or go jump in the waves, when you return new ideas will pop to mind.

  • Tip3#
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