Host a Girl’s Only High Tea - Handy Tips and Facts

Host a Girl’s Only High Tea - Handy Tips and Facts

Mission- 38- Host a Girl’s Only High Tea

  • Tip1#
  • Try finding a venue that specializes in teas and decadents. If you would like to host a tea party at your very own home perhaps order the cupcakes to be collected for the morning. If you want to make your own cupcakes... you’re my hero! Hehe

  • Tip2#
  • Don’t be worried if the girls you invite don’t know each other, by the end of the party “everyone will know each other’s pets, where they shop, what size bra they wear, their biggest fears and how often they like to go to the loo.”

  • Tip3#
  • If you’re a beginner in making tea then I suggest you stay away from Tea Pots... your tea can only end up resembling a herbal soup!

  • Tip4#
  • A great idea for your guests is place a pink rose at each table setting. Girls love flowers!

  • Tip5#
  • Start collecting the ‘Ideas’ magazine! I find it always has great entertaining ideas and can really become a benefit when hosting your own party.