Visit a Game Lodge and Stay in the Wild - Handy Tips and Facts

Visit a Game Lodge and Stay in the Wild - Handy Tips and Facts

Mission- 37- Visit a Game Lodge and Stay in the Wild

  • Tip1#
  • You don’t have to ‘rough it’ going into the wilderness. There are some awesome luxury accommodations available that allows you to experience the great outdoors but still be comfortable.

  • Tip2#
  • Warning! Rooster morning calls can create very grouchy holiday makers; this could result in you making breakfast as a peace offering. I would suggest trying pig grunts or perhaps horse neighs.

  • Tip3#
  • If you are visiting the wild from overseas and you’re not so familiar with wilderness animals… they are called wild animals for a reason. Do not attempt to have photos taken with the species… you will either end up with a limb being bitten off or worse, dragged into the bush never to be seen again. Got the picture? Our wild animals are not photogenic… remain in your vehicles!

  • Tip4#
  • When shooting video in the wild, I have discovered some valuable narrating skills like ‘David Attenborough’.

    1. Always speak in a whisper, it creates an intensity, like something is about to happen.

    2. Always know some general knowledge about the wildlife you are narrating.

    3. Pause sometimes during the narration so that the listener can hear the natural sounds of the bush, it almost creates a natural background effect.

    4. Always place the camera behind some grass and lower your level so that you seem inferior to the wildlife you are referring to, viewers like suspense.

  • Tip5#
  • Leave any animal tracking to professional trackers as doing it yourself may result in picking up warm, squishy, yucky droppings.