Mission- 36 - Purchase a Live Rooster for my Alarm Clock- Completed

Mission- 36 - Purchase a Live Rooster for my Alarm Clock- Completed

"I'm not quite sure how to describe the echo's I was hearing... it was this constant, repetition noise that sounded like a broken bagpipe."

I find it almost irresistible to snuggle up in my duvet covers! I am what one would only describe as a peculiar sleeper. There are lots of fluffy, would make a great pillow fight head “resters” on my bed yet I always sleep with the one’s that appear to have been flattened by a truck. I also have a strange but very effective sleep position which I call the FOOD position. The ‘Foot Out Of Duvet’ position. This may seem like a strange phenomenon but I assure you that I have a perfectly reasonable explanation. I feel so restricted when under a heavy duvet and it sometimes gets too warm under there (no I don’t eat a lot of baked beans) so I invented a natural body cooling system without utilizing electricity and perhaps in turn saving the planet. Hey this sounds like a television commercial…

“Do your duvet covers make you feel restricted? Do you let off gas in bed? Well then look no further because LMMI’s FOOD method is here and hundreds of people all over the globe are benefitting from her sleep position and it’s changed their lives. Just stick one foot out and one foot in… then one foot out and you shake it all about. Say goodbye to aircon and fans and save your planet. If your feet tend to release unnecessary odours refrain from this method, you WILL be contributing towards pollution”. Hehe. Ok now I really need my vitamins for this morning.

I think what I was trying to get at in the beginning of all this silliness was that I located a rooster. (Took me a while to get to this point, typical female intellectual species) I found ‘Drumstick Bob’ in a pet shop of all places. Apparently people can purchase crocodiles or alligators and then when they grow up to a certain size they donate them to crocodile farms. If you the type of girl who meets the wrong guys all the time, you can always start your date like, “Have you met my alligator”. It’s brilliant; men will never bother you again! Hehe.

Little Miss Mission Impossible Rooster

So I bought Bob home, wishing I had an alligator after he started showing me his true self. Roosters are sneaky little things; they act all innocent pecking at the ground, dawdling around. That night I slept so peacefully and just when I was in a crucial part of my dream I heard this sound. I almost fell off my bed, ready to push the panic button it was so alarming. I’m not quite sure how to describe the echo’s I was hearing… it was this constant, repetition noise that sounded like a broken bagpipe. I couldn’t stop it! ‘Drumstick Bob’ decided that he needed to be vocal at 4:30am because apparently that’s sunrise. My little clucker has so much personality though, he gets really excited everyday for his feeding time and he’s become very tame. Who knew roosters had character?

Well that’s another mission completed, at least an alligator would have been quiet! Sigh

Pace Yourself!

Little MMI