Mission 34 - Locate Budget Friendly Gadget Ideas for Christmas Presents- Completed

Mission 34 - Locate Budget Friendly Gadget Ideas for Christmas Presents- Completed

"Not only is my Christmas Present Shopping List Idea budget friendly but I also feel that any one of these items would become useful in someone's everyday life."

Why is it that I always seem to close my curtains at night and leave a little gap just big enough for the sun to peep its beaming tentacles at me in the morning? No matter what sleeping position I try, the beams tend to magnetize themselves towards my eyes like little irritating ‘thingy’s’ trying to get me up. Imagine if there was a gadget that would alert you if there were any gaping holes in your curtains so that you wouldn’t have to be wrestling with the light in the morning. Maybe that’s what blinds are for… tut tut tut.

I feel like I really took myself to a new level with the latest mission of searching the universe for budget friendly Christmas present ideas. One must understand how hard it is for a womanly person to go forth and ‘window shop’ for technology items that seems a little beyond her comfort zone of ‘girliness’. To complete this mission I needed to use my intellectual abilities combined with my typical female stereotypical shopping ego to locate the perfect shopping list and I think I succeeded beyond all measures.

Not only is my Christmas Present Shopping List Idea budget friendly but I also feel that any one of these items would become useful in someone’s everyday life. There are some gadgets that provide a ‘want’ satisfaction and then there are those gadget inventions that I feel fulfill a ‘need’ because they improve lives and benefit our existence. (I’m really sounding technologically advanced).

I wasn’t sure where to begin searching for my gadget items but then it dawned on me that perhaps I should start looking online (you would have never thought), perhaps there I could find my gems of inventions.

LMMI’s Budget Friendly Christmas Present Shopping List Ideas

  1. ‘Self Stirring Lazy Mug’

  2. Little Miss Mission Impossible Self Stirring Mug Gadget

    This remarkable invention could save one time and aching fingers because not only is it a useful item but it self stirs any liquid ingredient within. Imagine you wake up in the morning and you never have to stir a cup of coffee again. Genius!

    'The Gadget Shop'- Lazy Mug

  3. ‘Toilet Golf’

  4. Little Miss Mission Impossible Toilet Golf Gadget

    Now you might be wondering why I would select such an interesting item. How many of us sit on the porcelain throne bored and tired of reading the same toilet chapter? ‘Toilet Golf’ not only provides some entertainment whist doing one’s business but it also provides practice for some of those awkward ‘putting’ shots.Hehe

    'Coolest-Gadgets'- Toilet Golf

  5. ‘Cyber Clean’

  6. Little Miss Mission Impossible Cyber Clean Gadget

    Tired of those messy keyboards? ‘Cyber Clean’ not only cleans but it really cleans. Just take the squishy stuff and roll it over your keyboard and ‘walla’ no more tit bits. I wonder if this could work for men who eat and leave crumbs all over their shirts?

    'Gadgets'- Cyber-Clean

  7. ‘Indoor Boomerang’

  8. Little Miss Mission Impossible

    Do you watch television and bite your nails because you’re so engrossed in a film? Well now you can keep your hands busy and exercise your arms with this nifty red indoor boomerang ‘gadgetry’ thing.

    'Gifts and Gadgets'- Indoor Magic Boomerang

  9. ‘Sound Asleep Pillow’

  10. Little Miss Mission Impossible Sound Asleep Pillow gadget

    Do you have a partner who does not quite have a singing voice? Are you tired of counting sheep only to figure out that there’s a whole new heard after reaching 1000? Stay awake no more with this angelic ‘must have’ item. Apparently you can record your songs or sounds in the pillow and it plays back to you when you’re sleeping on it.

    'Coolest Gadgets'- Sound Asleep Pillow

  11. ‘Lav Nav’

  12. Little Miss Mission Impossible Lav Nav Gadget

    Have you ever needed the loo at night and you slowly sit down onto what could seem like a wet seat? Me neither but there is always a possibility you can, especially if you live with a masculine being who isn’t quite accurate with his aiming. The ‘Lav Nav’ will not only prevent a person guessing where the hole is but it will provide a good night light for those returning from a night of drinking.

    'Gadgets'- LavNav-Nightlight

  13. ‘Snore Stopper’

  14. Little Miss Mission Impossible Snore Stopper Gadget

    It’s needed… enough said!

    'Gizoo'- Snore Stopper

  15. ‘Electronic Bubblewrap’

  16. Little Miss Mission Impossible electronic bubblewrap

    Stores never seem to provide enough bubble wrap when protecting a fragile item. Now you can have all the fun with this re-usable bubble wrap, a great gift for those stressful and nervous individuals.

    'Amazon'- Pop Bubble Wrap

  17. ‘Remote Control Duck’

  18. Little Miss Mission Impossible remote Control Duck

    When I saw this genius invention, I couldn’t help but add it to my shopping list ideas. This is a gadget that I believe will never date, it’s timeless in all its glory and will provide someone with bath entertainment. Bathtime will never be the same again.

    'Gadgets'- Remote Control Duck

  19. ‘Clapper Board’

  20. Little Miss Mission Impossible Clapper Board

    Ever feel like you’re just not getting enough attention? Can’t pat your back? Well now you can with your very own ‘clapper Board’. Everytime you’re feeling down or sleepy just have a go at your clapper board.

    'Amazon'- Clapper Board

  21. ‘Wild Sling Solo’

  22. Little Miss Mission Impossible

    Are your neighbours not quite the type of people you want living next door to you? One would appreciate this handy tool that would not only serve as a very helpful warning but it will exercise those arms and legs too.

    'Amazon'- SLING

  23. ‘Earspy Listening Device’

  24. Little Miss Mission Impossible Earspy Listening Device Gadget

    Everybody needs a little secret agent device!

    'Amazon'- Spy Gadget Listening Device

I really feel these versatile gift ideas would put a smile on someone’s face and provide them with hours of entertainment and usefulness.

Pace Yourselves!

Little MMI