Mission 41 - Travel on Gautrain and Build a Sandcastle!

Mission 41 - Travel on Gautrain and Build a Sandcastle!

"I shall research the recipe for the perfect sandcastle mixture and I shall become... LMMI- Dirt Girl!"

I believe light bulbs are the answer to all unemployment problems! I know, you’re sitting in front of your technical processing unit pondering how such a small, glass object with a little wire thingy can be the answer to unemployment. Let me explain this genius idea...

Tired of rooms with non-working globes leaving patches of darkness on your ceilings? Does your house have too many different types of globes that need to be replaced over and over again? Did you go to the loo only to find the lights were out resulting in poor aiming issues? Well look no further, just dial the Globe Restorers and they will come out and assess your ‘global’ dilemma! Imagine not having to worry about replacing all your light bulbs again and on top of it trying to figure out if the globes are a screw-in or click in! Imagine a world where falling off ladders on your buttocks was a thing of the past! Leave it all to the Globe Restorers!

There are loads of houses in most towns and cities... if even half those houses were interested in such a service, then more people would be employed thus bringing more light into people’s lives... literally! I’m such a bright spark... sometimes!

I’m feeling adventurous and I think it’s time for another Mission... I can see the excitement on all your faces!

Mission 41- Travel on Gautrain and Build a Sandcastle!

Sandcastles have been around for a very long, long time (I think) and they have become the monuments of our local beaches! They bring joy to little children and I feel I need to go back to my childhood roots and figure out the perfect recipe in sandcastle building. “Like sands through the hour glass”... this is another mission in my life! Determination, creativity and building skills will be needed in attempting this sandy masterpiece. Placing every sand particle in its rightful place is going to be a tedious exercise.

I, Little Miss Mission Impossible shall hunt for the right tools to build the sandy sculpture. I shall reside amongst the ‘Children of the Beach’, learning their ways and gathering their sandcastle building knowledge as to improve my final sandy structure. I shall research the recipe for the perfect sandcastle mixture and I shall become... LMMI- Dirt Girl!

My CET or otherwise known as communal electronic transportation choice will be on Johannesburg’s new rail network, the ‘Gautrain’! This elongated, non- wheeled locomotive is equipped with the latest engineering stuff which promises an arrival time of exactly 15 minutes to the airport allowing me to be on schedule for my flight to Sandcastle Ingredient World!

Pace Yourself!

Little MMI