Mission- 37 - Visit a Game Lodge and Stay in the Wild

Mission- 37 - Visit a Game Lodge and Stay in the Wild

"We shall master some tracking techniques and perhaps even stalk some wildlife."

Why is it that everytime I try sneak out of the house without make-up I end up in peak hour traffic? It’s almost like the underground secret traffic people make this huge announcement that Little MMI is in fact at this very moment leaving without her mask on. What’s worse is I always end up stopping at a robot and then this car pulls up next to me and looks at me as if to say, ‘you make Cinderella’s ugly step sister look good’. Through my non-make up experiences, I have become quite professional in politely looking in a different direction. Either I’m spontaneously deciding to search for the missing sock under my car seat or I’m fiddling with my technological radio wave decoder. This brings me to another one of my genius inventions.

“Do you feel like you just can’t hide your face when it’s needed the most? Are neighbouring vehicles witnessing your lowest beauty moments? Then search for those missing socks under car seats no more with my stick on, stick off ‘Window Mask’. That’s right ladies; the ‘Window Mask’ fits all standard windows and comes in various colours and taglines. ‘Beauty, Out of Order’ or ‘Make-Up Under Construction’, you will never have to face those embarrassing stuck in traffic without your beauty mask moments again”. I know I should receive a woman’s loyalty prize or something.

After my sidekick rooster has been getting me up at 4:30am, I’ve decided that it’s time for a break away. I feel the wilderness calling me...kaa kaa

Little MMI- Mission- 37- Visit a Game Lodge and Stay in the Wild

I have watched many moments of ‘Discovery’ and ‘National Geographic’ and feel that it’s time that I... a.k.a. Little Miss Mission Impossible explores the bush for myself. Many people have discovered their own wilderness tactics in conquering the great untamed earth and I would like to become a wild animal whisperer too!

I shall take a few people and place myself and them in the middle of the bush where we will be surrounded by wild animals, bush, rocks, plants, thorn trees and a few grains of sand. We shall become one with the safari land! We shall master some tracking techniques and perhaps even stalk some wildlife. I shall teach them the art of making their own poop holes and finding grub under rotting logs. (I actually learnt that technique from ‘The Lion King’, powerful survival lessons). I shall become... baam baam baam... A Game Ranger-Ress!

What exactly would I need to find wildlife?

Pace Yourself!

Little MMI