Mission 33 - Go Brunette and Have a Photo Shoot

Mission 33 - Go Brunette and Have a Photo Shoot

"'Magic Mirror' in Johannesburg has kindly given me this next mission to strut my stuff in a studio even though I haven't a clue what I'm doing!"

I have a new conspiracy theory (as I always do) and this time it’s concentrated on reality shows. Haven’t you ever wondered why they keep re-running the same show over and over again? It’s like weeks ago we were saying goodbye to 2 blonde woman leaving a gigantic house and then 3 weeks ago I was having to go through all those emotions saying goodbye again and then last night it happened again, it can be draining. It’s like the television program really wants you to know that these girls have indeed left and they’re not coming back. I think perhaps reality shows have a subliminal message that they’re trying to convey and the more you watch the same episode the more you get that message stuck into your brain. Baam baam baam. It’s like Reality Brain Stuckers!

Perhaps there’s a secret organization that is trying to take over the world and the only way to do it is by taking over woman’s minds (because everyone follows woman) through reality shows. Perhaps re-running say a scene where a blonde woman is looking for a new best friend is secretly saying woman should start uniting… ahhh… I could be on to something here. Or perhaps I’ve had far too much ‘Fizzers’ for one day!

So I been traveling for a while and think it’s time for a simpler yet self challenging mission.

Little MMI- Mission 33- Go Brunette and Have a Photo Shoot

Last night whilst digging my fingers into a packet of Chutney crisps and watching ‘Running in Heels’, it dawned on me that I could do with a change. I dyed my hair blonde a while back and I must say it’s been allot of work maintaining the re-growth not to mention what all the bleach must be doing to my hair. So after a short decision I have decided to change and make myself darker. I think the last time I was totally brunette was during school so this might be a past shock to me.

I’ve always wanted to have my very own fun Photo Shoot but I suppose it’s always been something that I’ve never really gotten to or thought of doing. ‘Magic Mirror’ in Johannesburg has kindly given me this next mission to strut my stuff in a studio even though I haven’t a clue what I’m doing! Its bizarre how us woman have the mentality of “I could never look good in photo’s”. Well I’m going to prove them wrong, I will do the tilting my head thing, I will put my hand on my hips and best of all I’ll use props! I’ll be Little MMI... a.k.a. The Prop-er!!! Hehe!

Pace Yourself…’Cheese’