Mission 2 - Make Time to Paint!

Mission 2 - Make Time to Paint!

"One of those canvas, full of colours, acrylic pasting, not sure what the image is... paintings."

"Knock knock"... "Helllooo" came the voice outside my apartment front door. Laying in my nice hot bath about to get ready, I was interrupted by these sounds of desperation. This wasn't my normal routine. I don't normally get called whilst day dreaming about how my day is going to turn out surrounded by bath H2O. I quickly got out, conditioner still in my hair and eyeliner smudged down my eyes it was such a pretty picture. I scuttled to the front door on my tip toes; towel wrapped around and surprisingly found my other half standing there in a panic!

I stay in an apartment right on top of the mountain... other people say it’s a hill. Anyways, it's right on top and I have the penthouse unit so I have this incredible view from my balcony, a sun downers dream. Anyways this morning I woke up to find that it had rained and my balcony was filled with water. So handy-women me found that my little water drainer was blocked, so I used a stick to unblock it to let all the water out. Hehe. Now my other half stays in the same complex just a different block. Anyways so here's this water gushing and the security went knocking on his door saying that his girlfriend’s apartment has water coming from the balcony. They thought I left the water on or something. ~snigger~

Shows how sometimes you expect the morning to go the same and it just takes an unblocked water drainer to turn it into chaos.

Little MMI- Mission 2- Make Time to Paint!

Tomorrow I have the day off so my short term goal is going to be to finish a painting. That's correct... Little MMI what’s her name is going to paint a huge, big, massive painting. I haven't painted in ages so I am making the time to do a painting; I always tell myself that I'll do it and never get quite to it so now I am! Yip, one of those canvas, full of colours, acrylic pasting, not sure what the image is... paintings.

I'll take pictures of it and upload them here so you can see what it looks like!

Pace Yourself!

Little MMI