Powertraveller Brand Ambassador

Powertraveller Brand Ambassador

Powertraveller Brand Ambassador Announcement

I was greatly moved when Powertraveller contacted and requested me to be their brand ambassador! What a privilege and true honour! Not only are they an awesome brand but they have the best gadgets that are so practical when power isn’t available! Their powered products allow me to keep in contact with my digital world when on an adventure... I never have to worry about my laptop, camera or mobile battery running out again! Thank you Sun and thank you Powertraveller!

Little Miss Mission Impossible Powered by Powertraveller!

“You may have heard of her, her name is Pamela Buckle but she is better known as the one and only Little Miss Mission Impossible! She is an adventurer and experience blogger with her expertise being in travelling and unique experiences like exploring volcanoes or flying helicopters!

We are proud to announce Little Miss Adventurer is the new Powertraveller ambassador.

Follow her antics on www.littlemmi.com and watch push herself to the limits, taking on any challenge that is thrown her way... with a little help from Powertraveller!”