Mission Directives

Mission Directives

I want to visit monasteries, ride elephants, experience undersea walking, swim with dolphins and watch the migration of the Serengeti. I want to walk with cheetahs, locate earthquake fault lines, visit a desert and fly on a real hot air balloon. More than anything, I want to explore my own country and learn more about it. The list is endless... my bucket is more of a giant water tower!

Here is my upcoming mission to complete list!

  • Go on a Canopy Tour and explore the Tree Tops

  • Explore Caves

  • Ride an Elephant

  • Go Sandboarding on Dunes

  • Go on an Undersea Walking Experience

  • Volunteer at an Animal Rescue Sanctuary

  • Drive a Large Construction Vehicle

  • Experience a Hot Air Balloon Safari

  • Enter a Walkathon for a Good Cause

  • Handle a Lion

  • Replace my Natural Alarm Clock