Little MMI's Experience Tops!

Little MMI's Experience Tops!

Experience Book of Records

Based on your mails, I’ve compiled my very own ‘Experience Book of Records’. This is just for laughs! If you feel you might have topped one of the records or have a record that should be featured, send me a mail!
  1. Most Dangerous Wild Animal Encounter

  2. Paul Bishop- 'I was at the game reserve trying to get a close up shot of a buck and didn’t notice a Mozambique Spitting Cobra slithering across my bare foot.'

    (The Mozambique Spitting Cobra is second to the Mamba as Africa’s Most Dangerous Snake)

  3. Longest without any form of Digital Communication

  4. Christiaan Van Dyk- '3 weeks in the Serengeti but I was the one building the cell phone tower.'

  5. Longest Plane Delay at an Airport

  6. Paul Bishop-'I booked into OR Tambo for a flight to Madagascar. (Can’t remember the airline.... probably a good thing) Anyway booked in at 08h00 for a Ten o clock flight. But as I booked in they told me the flight was delayed to 12h00. No worries I thought I would just go through and do my emails at the News cafe. Then the flight was delayed to one and later to 15h00. It was a major joke among many of the passengers... we were going there together for a conference... where I was to give a presentation.

    By now I was quite agro and was not taking them seriously and was thinking of the movie Airport. Anyhow as you guessed the flight was further delayed to 17h00. So now I was not taking them seriously ... and was working away in the NewsCafe. All of a sudden I realized that I was not seeing anyone around that I recognized. I flew down the escalator to find that the *)*()( @** plane had left without me!! With my baggage. WOW!! I was livid. They were of course very apologetic and booked me on the next flight which was two DAYS LATER. So (bet not many people have done this) I had to re-enter South Africa go home for two days and come back to get the next flight. When I arrived in Antananarivo they took me to collect my baggage which had flown illegally on the two days previous flight. In the room were HUNDREDS OF BAGS, of others peoples baggage who had suffered a similar fate.'

  7. Most Creative Way to Neutralize an Annoying Passenger

  8. Eddie Du Toit- 'If it’s not a friend ask them questions -oh it’s a treat!! For example ur wondering the statistics on planes crashing? Or how that person feels about chicken’s slaughtered for their complementary meal tonight? The size of the shoes, then give them a disgusting look after they answer...hehe.'

  9. Smallest Toilet Cubicle Located

  10. Pamela Buckle-'I originally thought it was toilets on a plane but then my friend reminded me of our spontaneous trip on a bus to Richards Bay. That must have been the smallest loo I have ever seen. We refused to use it... one bump and the door would go flying open! Yikes!'

  11. Most Punctured Tyres on a Road Trip

  12. Sean North-Three!!! 'It was a drive from Oregon to Alaska...found out the trailer I was towing had tires nobody carried for hundreds of miles. Ended up abandoning it about 800 miles from my destination and packing as much in my truck as possible. I had spares for the truck....shoulda got some for the trailer! Ugh!!!'

  13. Most Distance Covered By Foot

  14. Kelly Cook-'I don't know how long it was, but It took a WHOLE day, from 7am to 7pm. It was a hike and kloofing in Cape Town. Exhausting but awesome!!!'

  15. Uncommon Bed Rest

  16. Marc von Wilmsdorff -'In the ATM section of a back in Winter in Stuttgart. My car was locked in a parking garage and couldn't get it out after a function.'


    Kelly Cook-'THE ICE HOTEL!!!! not strange, but awesome!!!'

  17. Grossest Dish Experience

  18. Brad Gother-'Aquafresh' samies with a 1L warm powder milk with raw egg surprise on the bottom.'